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At Kartik moulds and Dies we research, design, develop and manufacture precision moulds. A team of qualified engineers put ideas into shape, quizzing technology to the fullest to reach beyond customer satisfaction.

With competent employees of varied skill, sophisticated CNC milling, drilling, grinding and lathe machines and ultra modern software we have been perusing perfection since conception a couple of years ago. The unique needs of every customer are achieved by developing perfect and tailored solutions.

Within a brief period we have emerged as one of the elite manufacturers of intricate and meticulousness moulds. We specialize in producing moulds for PVC fittings, Caps & closures, Electrical conduits, thin wall containers, house hold items etc. The constant search of new ideas and the urge to enter new ventures enables us set high goals where thoughts are molded into Quality products.

Located in Vasai the lush suburbs of Mumbai our facilities are tidily laid out giving importance to safety, unobstructed work space and serene surroundings. All this makes work a pleasure drawing out the best energy and creativity within us to meet the complex needs of our customers.

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